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Your Many Plantation Shutter Hinge Options

The use of plantation shutters benefits your home in more ways than one. You see them a lot across homes in the past up to this day. Speaking if plantation shutters, there is a wide selection of variants for your choosing. The material used for these features is usually wood. For plantation shutters made of wood, they can be real wood or faux wood. Most wood plantation shutters make perfect additions to your doorways or windows. You can also utilize them as closet doors and room dividers. If you choose quality plantation shutters, you know that they can last as long as your house. These shutters also help boost your home resale value so you can sell your house in the future at a higher price.

For plantation shutters to work, they require different hinge and track systems. The kind of hinge and track system that you use for your plantation shutters depend on the size of your shutters and how you use them. You will read more about three of the most common hinges used for plantation shutters.

The standard hinge system is the most popular system used in many plantation shutters. The use of this type of system is most common for window interior shutters. You often use them for your windows that have openings from 6 inches to 120 inches in length. This system makes it possible for plantation shutters to open. If you prefer to fold your shutters from one side, you can also rely on these systems. You can get the hinge pin from the mount if you need to clean your shutters or have them refinished.

A bi-fold track system is what you require for plantation shutters serving as closet doors. These closet doors fold up to be adjacent to one another with two panels that are hinged together. You can also expect these doors to function as sliding glass door coverings. This system is also perfect for the interior plantation shutters of your windows that are too big for using the standard hinge system. They make perfect track systems for doors and windows that have openings around 20 inches to 120 inches high and 24 inches to 192 inches wide. This system can make your shutters fold and slide open. You can click this link for the best plantation shutters or see more here.

Finally, you have the bypass track system that is perfect for plantation shutters used as closet doors that slide from left and right and room dividers. They can fit the same door and window openings as those that the bi-fold track system can fit in.

There are many color options for your plantation shutter hinges. Most hinges are in neutral colors and shades of white so they match faux plantation shutters. You also get them in brass, stainless steel, and bronze materials an colors. For you to get to know your plantation shutter options and what best fits you, get the advice of professionals from reputable plantation shutter companies. You can read more on this here:

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